A Million and One Uses for: Hair Conditioner

February 15, 2011

Okay, maybe not a million and one… more like just five.

Listen, I’m a busy woman. I often don’t have time to sift through the plethora of beauty products being hocked to women on a daily basis, nor do I often have the extra money to spend on a bunch of products that do one thing and one thing only. As much of a multi-tasker as I am, I need my beauty products to multi-task as well. So today I’m going to share with you various uses I’ve found for…

Suave Naturals Coconut Conditioner conditioner!

1. Shampoo– Yes, you can use conditioner to actually clean your hair. For me and my daughter, I do not use a lathering shampoo with every washing. Most times I use conditioner and work it in just as you would a shampoo. Our hair comes out just as clean, smells just as good, but it’s so much softer because the natural moisture hasn’t been hopelessly stripped as it sometimes would be with shampoo. And the added bonus is that it’s much easier to get a comb through my daughter’s hair when I’ve washed it with conditioner. Disclaimer: I’m mainly talking about “African” hair types here. If your hair type requires you to wash it every day, perhaps you’d benefit from using a conditioner-only wash every other day. American women of all races tend to overtax their hair, and daily washing is one of the ways we do that. Try the conditioner wash and see what happens.

2. Pre-moisturizer– I do this in the dry fall and winter months and it makes a world of difference. During my shower right after I’ve washed with soap or body wash, I slather hair conditioner all over my skin and lightly rinse it off. It helps my skin retain moisture after the shower and is a lovely precursor to my lotion. My skin is prone to eczema, which only gets aggravated in dry weather. Taking this extra step helps tremendously in keeping my skin moisturized and healthy.

3. Shaving Cream — Why spend extra money on fancy shaving gels and foams when hair conditioner works just as well? Use it as you would a shaving cream and notice the difference. Your skin won’t feel nearly as taught, dry, and irritated after a shave.

4. Makeup Remover — Again, why spend money on smaller bottles of ultra-specialized product when good ol’ everyday hair conditioner will do the trick? Put some drops on a cotton ball and watch how easily your makeup comes off. It’s just that simple.

5. Deep Conditioner (duh!)– Some women go to great lengths to find or concoct deep conditioners for our hair when all we’d probably need is to some “regular” conditioner. Just massage it in after your shampoo, but don’t rinse it out just yet. Put a plastic cap over your hair (or even reuse a plastic shopping bag) and sit under a hood dryer for about 30 minutes. You say you don’t have a dryer? Okay, keep the plastic cap on and do some housework or read a book for an hour or so. Come back later and rinse out the conditioner. Voilà! You’ve just deep-conditioned your hair, and probably got some work done in the process!


I really hate how the cosmetics industry takes advantage of women. Why is it women’s deodorants cost more than men’s? Why do many companies sell the exact same product in various different packages with a unique use for each of them? The answer is simple: because they know we’ll spend the money. When it comes to treating yourself, I’m not at all cheap. I will spend good money on quality products that do what they say they’re going to do. But I’m also not stupid, either. Even if the economy is on the rebound, times are lean and I’m not too keen on spending an inordinate amount of money just to treat myself well. If you’re on a tight budget or simply like to be frugal with your funds, some “luxuries” don’t have to cost an arm and an ovary. Find different uses for what you already have. You’ll be surprised at how versatile that stuff in your bathroom vanity and kitchen cabinets really is.

  • TheMochaPeach

    I’ve been using conditioner as shaving cream for ages. LOL…since I ran out in College of Skinmate and had a bottle of Suave

  • Rae

    I’ve never thought about the pre-moisturizer. Good tip.

  • Yakini

    Love the pre-moisturizing tip as well, I’d never thought of that!

  • Cyn

    Love the pre-moisturizer tip. Much cheaper than that in shower lotion they sell.

  • MrsSaditty

    Awesome tip! I have one last one: slather it on your feet a few minutes before using a pumice stone or foot file. The dead skin and callouses fall off quite easily!

    • Swag Mama

      I love this! Gonna try it tonight. Thank you!

  • http://deleted alli

    prob not good but sometimes shampoo becomes soap when there is none!

  • Katina

    Love this! I have that sane bottle of conditioner which I now use as shampoo and a body wash and to shave with!! Whoot!

  • Sunnieyes

    I just started using organic conditioner on my body in the shower, my skin is not dry any longer. YIPPI!!!!

  • Anne Fannee

    I never buy soap for the shower or bath anymore…just use the shampoo…after all its allmot the same ingredients as bar soap..just added water…works just like the fancy shower jels they sell!…you can all so work a little conditioner into your hair after you get out of the shower for frizz control…

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